Feb 20, 2011

Contoh materi speech competition

Scout educates students to have leadership and independence.

The honorable all the judicators
The honorable all the teachers
And my beloved friend.

First of all let we sent our praise to Allah SWT because of His blessings, love, care and guidance us so we meet in this occasion. Then I praise to my prophet Muhammad SAW who always brings the goodness for all of human in this world. Amen

Ladies and gentlemen, I   would   like to thanks for the chance given to me to deliver my speech. But, let me introduce first. I am Yusi Elisa, 16 years old and I come from SMA MANBAUL ULUM Gayau Sakti.  Well.. In this nice occasion I would tell about Scout educates students to have leadership and independence.

Ladies and gentlemen, when we hear the word Scout, our shadow directly fixed on each person wearing the brown shirt and pants / skirt dark brown with red neck white stangen complete with headgear. It is very rare among us who, when hearing the word Scouts will directly show the only scouting organization in Indonesia. And often when we're uniformed scouts being in crowds or to encounter always be laughable, it was thought the ancient scouts and only to those who sit in school.

That sort of thing that makes people embarrassed to join the Boy Scouts, because the Scouts are not slang, outdated Scouts, Boy Scouts wasting your time, join Scouting just like small children usually have to clap and sing and so forth. While a Scout is required to be able to socialize and prove that Scouting is more than that.

Ladies and gentlemen, Scouts (Praja Muda Karana) means that young people who like to work. This is the name for the members of the Scout Movement. Members of Boy Scout himself many levels ranging from learners (standby, raising, enforcement and Pandega), builder Scouts, mainstay, coaches, instructors, officials Saka, staff and Council Kwartir Advisors.
So it is not true that scouts are those who are still attending school, because the Scouts can be followed starting from childhood till we are old. The aim of the Scout Movement is to establish each Scout to have a personality that is faithful, pious, noble, spirited patriotic, law-abiding, disciplined, upholding the noble values of the nation, and have life skills as a cadre of the nation in maintaining and building the Republic Indonesia (NKRI), the practice of Pancasila, and preserving the environment. This goal is supposed to be a solution to the current negative phenomenon that often we have seen, for example brawl, violence in schools, drugs, sex and other bad behavior.
Ladies and gentlemen, scouting came to Indonesia in 1912, as a branch of the Nederlandse Padvinders Organisatie (NPO, Netherlands Pathfinder Organisation)
Ladies and gentlemen, I ensure that all of you ever heard about ‘ gerakan kepramukaan”. Well, Gerakan Pramuka is the national Scouting organization of Indonesia. Scouting was founded in the Dutch East Indies in 1912, and Indonesia became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) in 1953.
Ladies and gentlemen, Each year August 14 is celebrated as Pramuka Day to honor the organization's first public parade. And Its name Pramuka was derived from the abbreviation of "praja muda karana", meaning "young people willing to work".

Ladies and gentlemen,   there are many ways done to train the student discipline and a spirit of independence, especially junior high school age teens. One of them with the Boy Scouts, for example in the form of tents, these activities aim to enhance and instill leadership and discipline the students, also to foster a good social life with others or  to the environment.

Ladies and gentlemen, In addition to camping, we also teach about social values, both for others and the environment around them, making it easier for them to socialize with anyone. The Boy Scouts have a positive benefit for the future of their students, especially in terms of independence and leadership. By providing self-reliance and discipline lesson early on, it is expected that soon they will become leaders and wise warrior spirit, because in Indonesia the country is desperately needed a wise leader, either in act or in making a decision. Besides the benefits that they have next is a high social life to the environment around them so it is easier for them to socialize with anyone.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's all my speech
Forgive me If have many mistakes
thank you very much
wassalam,,,,wr wb

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